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Vocational Community/Resource Benefits Specialist


Summary of Position Function

Supports the acquisition of and maintenance of vocational goals.  Provides needed benefits and community resource services to address barriers to goals.

Education Requirements

  • Associate’s Degree with two years experience working with mental health recipients or high school diploma with four  years experience working with mental health recipients
  • Training in vocational services
  • Training in benefits and financial management in relation to barriers to goals
  • Training in and completion of  relevant PROS related EBP modules


Experience in working with vocational needs of persons with disabilities

Must possess a valid Driver’s License with a satisfactory driving record, and possess a personal vehicle for job requirement

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Major Duties & Responsibilities

  • Knowledge and demonstration of agency core values in day-to-day activities
  • Explore individuals’ needs in taking steps to achieve Vocational Goals.
  • Educate individuals served and staff on vocational services available to individuals in Erie and Wyoming Counties
  • Assist individuals with overcoming barriers they may face in obtaining their vocational goals
  • Provide rapid non-traditional employment opportunities to those individuals seeking such goals
  • Provide resources for individuals regarding Work Incentive Benefits for those on SSDI/SI who pursue vocational goals
  • Network with Erie County businesses and vocational programs to assist individuals with Vocational goals
  • Provide Cognitive Remediation services
  • Ability to utilize electronic data systems (i.e. electronic records and computers).
  • Frequent or occasional driving of personal vehicle for purpose of transporting clients in the community and/or site visits (client or work related)


  • Proficient in the use of computer software such as MSWord, Excel, and EMR
  • Knowledge of principles and techniques of vocational guidance and community resources
  • Knowledge of benefits and financial management in relation to identified goal
  • Knowledge of mental health issues and understanding of barriers to employment that mental health issues may present
  • Creative abilities in working with clients to motivate and  strategize for addressing barriers to employment or other goals

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