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Holistic Health

Holistic Health provides care and support for an individual’s needs including behavioral and physical health, through a comprehensive set of services. These services include psychiatry and physical health and address social determinants of health impacting wellness. The team consists of a board-certified Nurse Practitioner (NP), a licensed behavioral health clinician, a board-certified nurse, as well as a targeted case manager (TCM). All of whom you would meet with during an initial appointment. These individuals will provide services such as health screens, physical exams, assist in referrals, provide health monitoring and education, ensure needs and services are obtained, and provide clinical care. Referrals can be made from any Spectrum Health Program or other CCBHCs & community-based programs.

Family Consultation

Integrated Health Care

Behavioral Health Counseling

Individual Counseling

Mental Health Counseling

Locations Offered


Locations Offered

What to Expect

Our Commitment

Kindness & Compassion
Our Holistic Health approach recognizes that each person is unique, and has a unique recovery process. Whatever your need, we’ll discover a plan together to help you overcome.
Acceptance & Confidentiality
We believe that every person is valued, and it takes a large step of courage to ask for help. We promise to honor that step by treating you with respect and keeping everything that is shared between us.
Whether it’s something as simple as a shade of blue or as complex as navigating the Medicaid system, you will know that our team is passionate about life; and the people, places and things that includes.
Christine-Ziemba Clinical Director
I'm here to support you and your journey.

A more compassionate mind is very, very helpful to good health- Dalai Lama

Christine Ziemba

Director of Holistic Health

Help is Here

Our Experience

Holistic Health specializes in providing care and support for individuals physical health needs through a comprehensive set of services including physical health screening, follow up, linkage with primary care and addressing social determinants of health impacting wellness.

We are pioneers in the arena of mental health services and we are on the cutting edge of the industry’s newest treatments and medications- including the addition of Holistic Health. Mainly serving Medicaid and Medicaid managed care individuals in Erie and Niagara County, Holistic Health can accommodate walk-in services as well as link with medical services as they present.

Our integrated approach allows individuals struggling with behavioral and substance abuse issues to find help all in one place, under the care of one experienced professional. Spectrum is the first organization in New York State to become licensed for integrative services.

Our team has a behavioral health background that allows us to explore the mind/body connection and how symptoms of mental health may be impacting physical health and how physical health may be impacting mental health.

Our multi-disciplinary team provides services that may reduce Emergency Room visits and prevent re-hospitalization rates. They have the expertise to address the unique needs associated with co-occurring mental conditions and substance abuse. Spectrum provides a comprehensive assessment to identify our client’s unique needs, followed by an integrated treatment plan to address the combination of cases.

Our holistic model has yielded exceptionally strong outcomes, even amidst the most challenging of situations.

We work with you to overcome the challenges related to mental health.

Increasing awareness

Improving overall quality of services

Lowering cost of care by creating a more efficient treatment plan

Creating better outcomes overall

If you or a loved one is in need of mental health counseling services