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Spectrum Health Urgent Care

Spectrum Health: Urgent Mental Health Addictions Care Clinic

Big News! Did you know that we recently opened the doors to our new Urgent Care facility?

That’s right! Located at 1280 Main Street in Buffalo, NY; the Urgent Mental Health Addictions Care Clinic is the first of its kind in Erie County.

Spectrum is proud to say that we are now able to provide immediate mental health, substance abuse use, and physical health services to our community.

Here at Spectrum we truly believe that with the right tools and help you can overcome anything. If you think that visiting our facility could benefit you or a loved one, we would be happy to help! Keep reading below for more information.

Who do we serve?

We are able to provide services to those 18 and older who present themselves:

  • As a self-referral.
  • An alternative to an emergency room visit.
  • As part of a hospital or emergency department discharge.
  • As a recommendation from a primary health care doctor.
  • With a concerned person in the community or family who feels that the person is experiencing urgent mental health and/or substance abuse needs.

What services do we offer?

  • A safe place for individuals and families- including peer and family support.
  • Psychiatric medication evaluation, excluding controlled medication.
  • Integrated mental health and substance use crisis assessment.
  • Crisis intervention and counseling.
  • Skill-based groups to assist with mood management.
  • Physicals, vaccines, and referrals to Primary Medical Doctors, Dentists, and other providers as needed.

Please know that all services are voluntary, and it is our hope to offer a safe place for individuals and families to seek support. If you believe that you or a loved one could benefit from the services offered at U-MHACC, stop in or call today! The information is as follows:

Providing Urgent Care:

Monday-Friday | 8 AM-8 PM

Saturday | 9 AM-1 PM

Phone | 716.539.6743

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