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Bruce Nisbet

I had the privilege of joining Spectrum in 2004 as President/CEO after having been the President/CEO at the Children’s Home in Binghamton NY. Prior to the Children’s Home, I held many positions including Chief Operating Officer at Gateway-Longview in Williamsville, NY.



What is your favorite part about working at Spectrum?
My favorite part of working at Spectrum are the amazing and caring staff at all levels of the organization. Their dedication to our Core Values of Respect, Accountability, Excellence, Diversity and Empowerment is evident in every decision made about our programs and every service we deliver to individuals who seek our services. Our consistently high annual client satisfaction survey results and comments reflect the fact our clients truly experience the caring and professionalism of our staff throughout our programs.
Where is your favorite place to go in Buffalo?
Zoar Valley, where there is a family place to enjoy nature and the outdoors.
What do you consider your greatest professional accomplishment?
I have to say being a member of and facilitating a very high performing Executive Team where each member contributes their expertise to making informed decisions that have successfully guided Spectrum through the many challenges a non-profit organization faces in today’s complex environment. Those decisions are always tested against the bottom line standard we use for all decisions made throughout Spectrum: Is the decision we make in the best interest of those we serve? If the answer is no, then we make a different decision that is in the best interest of those we serve. There are no exceptions.
What do you like to do when you are not working?
I enjoy spending time with my family, enjoying the outdoors, photography and exploring new places near and far.